Kering Eyewear 2021 New Project - BLUE & BEYOND = Blue-Light-Filtering + Photochromic Technology + Luxury Eyewear

Try to picture that, wearing a fashion sunglasses walking under a sunny day in order to protect your eyes from UV light, as soon as you entered an indoor space, your sunglasses kept blocking blue light from your digital devices !
In the absence of light, the sun lenses return to their clear state, and allows you to continue watching TV, going on your smartphone or working on your laptop, without changing the glasses you wear, isn’t it convenient ?

Yeah, it's called -
blue-light-filtering treatment and photochromic technology 

But, how about if the glasses is
your favorite luxury brand ?

Italy Kering Eyewear is part of the Kering Group - a world-class Luxury group from France. Kering Eyewear develops many of high end eyewear brands such as GucciMontblancBottega VenetaSaint LaurentBalenciaga.

This year, 2021, Kering Eyewear just announced the launch of “BLUE & BEYOND” project, combining blue light filtering treatment and photochromic UV protection technology, allows your glasses to have additional Blue Light reduction for a total absorption from 34% to 45% in indoor, and visible light reduction at least 70%. 

A 2 in 1 functional eyewear, how can you not have one !

Let’s see what coveted brands within Kering Eyewear’s portfolio have been selected in BLUE & BEYOND project. 

Everyone’s Dream GUCCI


Blue & Beyond selection men’s/ unisex design is crafted with subtle metal and thick acetate, creating a saturated profile with different materials combination. The smart photochromic lenses transition from elegant transparent ochre in the indoor (▲ Left frame of the image, in the outdoor turns into classic brown(▲ Right frame of the image, revisiting a modern vintage look.


For the women’s style, it’s a sophisticated oversized metal frame, the lens color transits from transparent rose pink (▲ Left frame of the image to feminine burgundy (▲ Right frame of the image, brightening your skin tone.

Business Men’s Favorite MONTBLANC


The MONTBLANC men’s style under BLUE & BEYOND project, resulting in a perfect balance in between thick acetate ad lightweight metal, simple but delicate.

When in the office, the lens stays in peaceful translucent blue (▲ Right frame of the image, once out for business trip, the lens color changes into deep blue (▲ Left frame of the image which gives you a professional look.

Royal Family’s Accessory CARTIER


Follows CARTIER's luxury brand identity, BLUE & BEYOND style is made of high quality titanium material. The front is designed in classic Navigator which is a unisex shape, the powerful double bars gives the frame a royal class momentum. The lens is dignified transparent blue(▲ Right frame of the imagein the room, but royally dark blue (▲ Left frame of the imagewhen worn outside, provides a noble image for your outfit.

Bold and Dramatic SAINT LAURENT


As usual, SAINT LAURENT keeps its design style - simple and sharp. BLUE & BEYOND men’s model is adapted from its iconic eyewear shape, all coming with statement all-black contours in acetate, adding its signature metal bend-over décor on the end-pieces.

The featured lens color is rational transparent grey(▲ Top frame of the image indoors, and mature dark grey(▲ bottom frame of the imageoutdoors. 


For the women’s style, it’s a bold cat-eye silhouettes, streamlined and versatile shape shows your outstanding attitude. Regarding to the lens color, same as the men’s, it’s featured with graceful trans grey (▲ Top frame of the imagein the absence of light, and neutral dark grey(▲ bottom frame of the imagein the sunlight.


Roberto Vedovotto, President & CEO of Kering Eyewear. commented “The launch of the Blue & Beyond project marks a further step forward in our continuous commitment to offering the perfect mix of style and functionality. We are sure our customers will appreciate the opportunity to wear their favorite eyewear brands with the added value of advanced comfort.” 

Photo Credit and Resources:Kering Eyewear


Kering Eyewear 【BLUE & BEYOND】Official Webpage:https://keringeyewear.com/about/blue_and_beyond 

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