RAMBLE METROPOLITAN 2023 – The Upcoming Eyewear Exhibition in Tokyo: Exhibition Details and Booth Information at a Glance!


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We have received an invitation and will be attending the “RAMBLE METROPOLITAN 2023” eyewear exhibition in Tokyo, Japan! This time, we will encounter several eyeglass brands from Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, sharing and showcasing their latest products!

Now, let us introduce you to the exhibition.


Tokyo, a city charmed us with its modern elegance and traditional style, has always been the cradle of Eastern art and culture. This time, we are honored to introduce you to a stunning art event – “RAMBLE METROPOLITAN 2023” - an eyewear exhibition that brings numerous brands together! This exhibition will take us on a journey to explore the philosophy and style of Asian eyewear brands.


RAMBLE METROPOLITAN 2023” gathers several well-known brands from Asia. There will be nine exhibition booths on-site. The participating brands include Chums (from the U.S), Crystal (from Taiwan), Classico (from Taiwan), 22º16-38N (from H.K), Groover Spectacles (from Japan), pLAtOy (from Japan), XAZTLAN (from Japan), and OGK KABUTO (from Japan).

Organized by Mr. Nakashima (the Leader of Groover Spectacles), this exhibition provides a unique opportunity to savor the evolution and diversity of handmade eyewear frames. Whether you are an eyewear collector or encountering high-quality eyewear frames for the first time, you are sure to find inspiration and surprises here.


One of the highly anticipated exhibition booths is undoubtedly the host brand - Groover Spectacles, led by the talented designer Mr. Nakashima. Groover Spectacles aims to create the most comfortable and stylish eyewear frames. Their frames combine fashion taste, excellent quality, and intriguing designs, making it a well-known new brand among eyewear enthusiasts and readers.


RAMBLE METROPOLITAN 2023” will open in the autumn of 2023 and run for two days. Located in the convenient area of Omotesando, surrounded by flagship boutiques, it is often considered the Japanese Champs-Élysées, known for fashion and trends.

 Exhibition Date: October 10-11, 2023

 Exhibition Venue: polygon Aoyama

■ Address: B1F, 3-5-14 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo〔東京都港区北青山3-5-14 B1F

 Transportation: Omotesando Station〔表参道駅〕, Exit A3 (1-minute walk)



Strong style and personal flair, fully demonstrating taste and style


Eyewear that go perfectly with silver accessories! When it comes to Acetate Eyewear, Groover Spectacles is a brand that many are already familiar with. This designer brand, known for its spontaneous and free designs, has risen as a dark horse in recent years, catching the attention of eyewear enthusiasts and readers alike! After meticulous handcrafting by Tokyo artisans, each eyewear frame shines brilliantly in hands, becoming beautiful and cool frames.


Nakashima Masaki, the owner and designer, excels at blending Japanese craftsmanship with American Indian stylein the products. This unique style, characterized by the signature “eagle feather” on the temples, has made Groover Spectacles a leader in showcasing personal taste and characteristics in eyeglasses.


Nakashima’s effort over more than a decade has transformed into the achievement of a factory: the superb techniques of the in-house Yokohama factory, known for its unique patterns, core-engraved eagle feathers, and sharply textured structures on the acetate, give each Groover eyeglass frame a seemingly unrefined angular cut but a design that is hard to replicate, creating unconventional frames that are unique and precious. WebsiteFacebook Page


A Taiwanese Eyewear Brand Blending Old Designs with New Patterns


In 2012, a Taiwanese cultural and creative eyewear brand named “Classico” was born. Classico advocates a minimalistback-to-basics attitudeblending retro style with modern trends to create a balanced aesthetic that appeals to a younger audience. Classico is known for its finely crafted handmade frames. With exquisite materials and high-quality craftsmanship, they reinterpret the style of classic frames while adjusting them to better suit the facial proportions of East Asian individuals. This design approach not only infuses eyewear with a sense of nostalgia but also conveys the idea of using eyewear fashion to make life more beautiful. The name “Classico” comes from the Italian word for “classic”, representing a spirit of simplicity and authenticity. It’s co-founded by two individuals from Taiwan, Gary and Tom.


Gary’s father had experiences over 40 years in the eyewear industry, having assisted in the manufacturing of eyewear for various premium eyewear brands both domestically and internationally. Gary himself worked as a freelance photographer and had a deep passion for vintage and classic items. After completing his military service, he began assisting local designer brands in the production of eyewear. After a period of working as a contractor, he gradually formed the idea of founding his own brand, “Classico.”


Tom is a passionate young designer who has a love for handmade eyewear and developed an affinity for vintage Vespaafter turning 30. He focuses on brand design and enjoys creating designs that exude a sense of nostalgia. Tom’s motivation for joining in the founding of the brand was to share more beautiful things with the world and use the power of design to bring a touch of beauty to it. Classico represents a spirit of simplicityauthenticity, and a love for aesthetics. Through their passion for design and eyewear, Gary and Tom are committed to sharing their love for the “classic” and their pursuit of it. Website

■ 22º16-38N

Hailing from Hong Kong, fun and quirky, redefining your perception of eyewear


Recyclable eco-friendly eyeglasses, not only eco-conscious but also carrying a grand vision: eyewear with a futuristic feel, interpreting eyeglass aesthetics in a bold and avant-garde style! 22° Eyewear (22°16-38N Eyewear) is an eyewear brand from Hong Kong, founded by artist Pazo Ho in 2019. With recycling and sustainability at its core and a philosophy rooted in original aesthetics, it considers the texture and wear and tear effects on materials as part of aesthetics. These elements are incorporated into eyeglass design, creating highly recyclable eyeglasses.


The name 22°16-38N represents the latitude and longitude coordinates of Hong Kong (from the New Territories to Hong Kong Island), depicting the silhouette of Hong Kong through the brand’s image: fun, bustling, in such a crowded and vibrant place, there is such an eyewear brand. Each handmade pair of eyeglasses has undergone extensive research and experimentation in terms of materials and craftsmanship, resulting in unique textures and distinctive shapes for the eyeglasses. This has made 22° Eyewear a highly recognizable original eyeglass brand from Hong Kong.


Turning concepts into reality, with a childlike spirit, they create eyeglass art pieces: like the eyeglasses in the picture, inspired by the shapes of game characters that were often played with in childhood. Eyeglasses frames are made from EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate), a material that is highly flexible, waterproof, moisture-resistant, antibacterial, and extremely lightweight. WebsiteIntroduction

■ Crystal

M.I.T! Enhanced sunglasses from Taiwan, growing and becoming international with its exclusive technology


The philosophy of Crystal is “dedicated to providing users with a good visual experience”.

Made in Taiwan, Crystal enhanced sunglasses with exclusive RGB425TM technology to provide visitors a better journey under the sun.


“The meaning of travel is to encounter more beautiful scenery.”

Crystal protects travelers from the harm under the sun to their eyes, accompanying them as they explore cities or villages and discover the beauty of nature. 

Crystal uses “enhancement technology” and “glass polarized lenses”, which can effectively eliminate most glare and improve clarity. The enhanced sunglasses have following features:

Depth Perception 🆙

Clarity 🆙

Scratch Resistance 🆙

Comfort 🆙


Enhance color contrast ✔︎

Improve object depth perception 

Achieve 99.5% polarization 

Eliminate glaring reflections ✔︎


“To provide users with the best visual experience, we use the highest-grade optical glass lenses.”

Glass lenses, well-known for their scratch resistance and high clarity, are not mainstream in today’s market mechanisms. However, Crystal has not abandoned this technology but continues to develop and improve it in collaboration with lens manufacturers. Glass lenses themselves have excellent scratch resistance, allowing sunglasses to withstand wind and sand without scratching. They also have a permanent water-repellent treatment, making sunglasses easy to clean and durable.Website

■ pLAtOy

As eye-catching as pop art, colorful and captivating - eyeglasses designed in Japan and manufactured in Italy!


An eyewear brand founded by designer Akira Ishiwatari, known for his youthful design and bold color choices, is as striking as pop art. With a professional background working for several well-known eyeglass stores, designer Akira Ishiwatari’s designs stand out from the ordinary. The brand name combines three English words: play, plastic, toy, which sets the tone for the entire brand.


Play, plastic, toy” paints a common scene in households: children playing with plastic toys. This is the old American style that the designer loves, with its resilient plastic feel, vibrant colors, bold designs, and unique lines, all of which outline the atmosphere of life that the designer wants to present to us.


Classic old American style with bright colorsmodern shapes, and playful vitality when applied to eyeglass frames makes them more and more appealing. Introduction

■ Chums

An outdoor equipment brand with eyewear straps, protective cases, and foldable sunglasses


The camping brand Chums from the United States has also joined in this exhibition! Vibrant colors declare the brand’s strong American style. This time, with outdoor eyeglasses and eyewear straps in tow, Chums aims to present the highest harmony of outdoor eyeglasses and accessories colors!


Colorful sunglasses brighten the mood for travel, while low-key amber sunglasses blend in with nature. With numerous choices, it’s a feast for all outdoor enthusiasts as essential travel accessories.

Cute eyewear straps, besides being highly mobile, become a bonus accessory on your outfit!
WebsiteFacebook Page


Sports Performance Eyewear


The brand name XAZTLAN is inspired by name of the legendary continent “AZTLAN”, as passed down through the oral tradition of Native Americans. It aims to show its passion for fashion trends, much like the curiosity of the indigenous people for unknown territories, by creating a series of vibrant and innovative concept sunglasses.

The founder of XAZTLAN, Mr. Masataka Nakajima, also the founder of Groover Spectacles, always dreamed of establishing a sports performance sunglasses brand. However, this dream seemed far-fetched.


In 2018, he traveled extensively throughout North America, engaging in direct sales and promoting his own eyewear brand “GROOVER”. The conservative eyewear market in the United States wasn’t particularly welcoming to outsiders. Mr. Nakajima made multiple attempts, traveling from Vancouver in Canada along the west coast to Los Angeles, and from Toronto in the east to New York, all in pursuit of sales, but the results were less than ideal.

During his time in Los Angeles, he had brief exchanges with staff who had worked for the world’s largest sports performance eyewear manufacturer. These interactions provided some solace when his sales efforts in North America seemed futile. Several months later, he returned to the United States with a draft of the XAZTLAN project proposal and organizational structure. Eventually, Mr. Nakajima reached a cooperation agreement with an American partner. While GROOVER didn’t succeed in making its mark, XAZTLAN emerged as a result of these efforts. Website


Sports Performance Sunglasses


OGK Kabuto is a Japanese company known for producing safety helmets and cycling eyewear. The name “Kabuto” is derived from the traditional Japanese armor used by ancient samurai warriors. It later became a part of the attire worn by warriors and their guards in feudal Japan.


Their latest release features “Crystal Clear” frame color options, made from the highly flexible resin “TR90 (Amidon®)”, ensuring lightweight frames. These sunglasses come with a wide, curved lens design, providing not only a broad field of vision but also lens curvature tailored to the facial features of Asian individuals, ensuring exceptional fit and comfort. Introduction


Eyewear are closely intertwined with our live. In modern society, almost everyone has a pair of glasses or sunglasses. “RAMBLE METROPOLITAN 2023” not only provides us with an opportunity to get to know other brands better but will also host an online live broadcast on the afternoon of October 11. It invites Japanese authors and musicians as special guests, allowing all participants to immerse themselves more deeply in the cultural atmosphere of Japan. While appreciating art, you can also gain a deeper understanding of Japanese unique styles and cultural charm.

Whether you are seeking new eyewear products or want to delve into the mysteries of frames, “RAMBLE METROPOLITAN 2023” is an event you shouldn’t miss. Seize this opportunity to explore the high-quality beauty of Japanese handmade eyeglasses frames at polygon. We SO! team will also be there to show you more details!

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